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Where Excellence Meets Passion - Our People, Our Pride.

At the core of our success is a dedicated team of highly trained professionals and experts who above all else ensure that we deliver on our service. We pride ourselves on fostering a highly inclusive culture for our workforce which consists of skilled professionals from multiple disciplines.
With the contributions, enthusiasm, and vision of our employees, we continue to build our future in the highly competitive civil contracting industry. Therefore, we have an ongoing interest in continuing to grow our quality and capabilities and to be surrounded by engaged employees who lead our company through a high-performance and sustainable culture.

Leadership Defined by Vision and Expertise.


Empowering our people through training and a commitment to diversity.

  • In line with the needs and requirements of our clients, Ford Civil strives for diversity and has initiatives, policies and practices designed to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of target group members. We provide opportunities to workers to develop new skills, fill knowledge/skill gaps and encourage learning to ensure our team operates industry best-practice techniques. Additionally, we are constantly looking to support the local Indigenous community through programs and increased Aboriginal Participation in our projects.
  • Ford Civil is constantly looking to improve our workforce by providing training opportunities to upskill and enhance their skills. We encourage all employees to do training in emerging skills, ensuring our team is ready for each new project we take on. Ford Civil offers apprentice and traineeships for younger workers to ensure that we provide them new skills and lifelong skills they can utilise well into the future.

    Ford Civil pride ourselves on giving opportunities to women looking to work in construction. Ford Civil actively looks to give women the opportunities to forge long careers in the construction industry. Ford Civil are actively looking to take on more female apprentices by utilising the TAFE pre-employment system and trainees through university career facilities.
  • Ford Civil is very proud to partner and collaborate with Bamal Project Pty Ltd, an Indigenous (Wangarra) owned and operated company. Bamal’s main business motivation is to make a positive difference to the lives and communities of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia sustainably and over the long term.

    Ford Civil is honoured to work with Bamal in supporting their Driving Lessons Initiative to fund lessons for underprivileged Indigenous youth. As well as Bamal’s mentoring program with Clontarff Academy, which provides mentorship, support and opportunities to uplift the aspirations of young participants, empowering them to achieve their full potential.

    Ford Civil has also contributed to funding for Project Management Courses for Indigenous trainees.