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Sir Joseph Banks Footbridge

Sir Joseph Banks Footbridge

Bayside Council
Road and

Ford Civil Contracting were engaged to deliver and construct the brand new Sir Joseph Banks Footbridge, commissioned by Bayside Council. The result of this project is a remarkable 10-meter long CFT girder bridge, located within the picturesque environs of Sir Joseph Banks Park.

One of the notable challenges that confronted the project was the logistics associated with the site's access. The original footbridge was located in an environmentally sensitive area, as well as having a difficult and tight access way for machinery to get to the bridge Recognising the need for innovation and precision, Ford Civil Contracting opted for a pre- fabrication approach, constructing the bridge components off-site. This approach not only expedited the construction process but also allowed the team to ensure the highest quality standards, thereby meeting the engineering and also environmental demands of the project.

Central to the foundation design of the new footbridge were a series of screw piles. These screw piles, embedded into the earth, formed a robust foundation upon which the bridge would stand. Topping off these piles were concrete abutments and wing walls, serving as a solid anchoring point for the bridge structure.


• A 10m long pre-fabricated CFT girder bridge, combined with fibre reinforced decking.
• Concrete abutments works.
• Screw piling works.
• Asphalting works for a new footpath approach towards the new footbridge.
• Working within marine and mangrove-rich environments.