White Bay Seawall


Project Value: $1,030,000

This project was undertaken within the demands of a  tidal zone and the constraints of an existing concrete seawall with timber piles which had deteriorated over time into an unstable condition. The difficulty in retaining previous uncontrolled backfill whilst demolition and construction of the new wall was carried out was overcome by the skillful operation of plant and equipment by our experienced site team.


  • Demolition of existing precast seawall.
  • Placement of rock armour revetment wall.
  • Construction of permanent sheet pile wall and capping beams.
  • Adjust existing services.
  • Construction of new stormwater outfall.
  • Construction of associated pavements, guardrails and security fencing.
  • Completing the works while maintaining the berthing/mooring/operational area for vessels at no 8 glebe island and no 2 white bay.