Client: Multiplex

Project Value: $7.84 Million

The works involved the bulk excavation and ground works preparation for the new Science and Engineering Building at the University of New South Wales. The site clearing involved with the works included the removal of hazardous asbestos. The shoring wall system enclosing the bulk excavation included the installation of contiguous piling and a capping beam. Following installation of the capping beam we undertook the removal of 35,000m3 of clean sand and construction of a piling platform across the site in preparation for the foundation piles. Once foundation piles were complete, our works then consisted of the construction of all of the footing elements for the building, from lift pits and core bases to pad footings, footing beams and a 5m deep OSD tank. The use of a dewatering system was employed which consisted of numerous 6 inch pumps and over 100 six metre deep spears as we were constructing all of the foundations below the existing water table.


  • Site clearing – Including asbestos removal
  • Bulk and detailed excavation
  • Shoring wall system – including contiguous piling and capping beam
  • Foundation piling
  • Dewatering
  • Sheet piling
  • Reinforced concrete foundations – Including lift pits, core pads and footing beams