The Ponds

Client: Landcom

Project Value: $3.1 Million

Ford Civil was contracted to construct the first of the architecturally designed ‘Ponds’ parklands of The Ponds subdivision.  The Ponds are concrete structures that fill via stormwater from local catchment areas.  The macrophyte planting zones inside the ponds act as filtration for the flowing stormwater of which overflows through the pond feature into rain gardens.  The rain gardens act as additional filtration prior to draining the excess water into the adjacent natural creek system.

Bulk and detailed earth works, curved and splayed concrete structures, GPT, stormwater drainage and major landscape works were required to construct the Ponds.

These public land marks are icons of The Ponds subdivision providing the community with open parkland space with high architectural finished features making use of the local stormwater runoff.


  • Major Architectural Public Feature of The Ponds Subdivision
  • Complex Architectural Concrete Pond Construction
  • Construction of Storm Water Filtration Basins
  • Rock Walls
  • Rain Garden Construction
  • Gross Pollutant Trap Installation
  • 150kL Insitu Concrete Stormwater Retention Tank
  • Laser cut steel artwork panels
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Landscaping