Spring Cove Manly

Client: Oakstand Property Group

Project Value: $11 Million

Spring Cove Subdivision involved the development of the old St Patrick’s Catholic Church land on the harbour side of Manly’s Eastern Hill. The works involved a significant site clearing exercise, whilst protecting the native wildlife (endangered bandicoots), and preventing sedimentation leaving the site and entering Colin Beach where the endangered fairy penguins nest. The final outcome was a subdivision with all new infrastructure installed, concrete roads and significant site structures including boardwalks, look-outs, bridges and retaining walls. The stormwater design utilized the use of landscaped bioswails to capture water prior to it entering the stormwater system. The contract also involved the bulk and detailed excavation to enable the construction of townhouses, apartments and houses on the estate.


  • Site Clearing
  • Services installation including – water main, bushfire main, gas, Telstra, electrical, sewer and stormwater
  • Sewer works included trenching over 6m deep and 2No sections that required boring due to conflict with trees that had to be retained
  • Reinforced concrete road construction
  • Over 50No retaining walls (gabions, block, stone etc.) due to topography of the site
  • Landscaped stormwater bioswails to capture stormwater prior to entering stormwater pipes
  • Site Structures – Including bridges, boardwalks, handrails and balustrades, stairs etc.
  • Working around and protecting the native wildlife including the endangered bandicoots and fairy penguins.
  • Bulk excavation for apartments, townhouses and houses.