SACL T2 Aprons

Client: Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL)

Project Value: $13 Million

The T2 Aprons Bays 41 to 45 was the second stage associated with the Sydney International Airport Terminal T2 Pier Expansion. To ensure successful continued aircraft movements and airfield operations, works were required to be staged during normal & curfew hours including full reinstatement of critical work areas at the completion of each work period without disruption to aircraft.

Works consisted of the construction of new Flexible Taxiway Pavements, protection of new Fuel Line assets with high strength Rigid Apron Pavements , new hydraulic services and adjustments to existing infrastructure, Stormwater construction, Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL), Floodlighting and Aircraft Docking Guidance Systems.


  • Construction works within secure Airside area
  • Demolition of existing taxiway pavements
  • Bulk Excavation
  • Flexible Apron Pavement construction
  • Rigid Apron Pavement construction
  • Works around construction of new HP Fuel Line by others
  • Hydraulic, electrical & communications service works
  • Stormwater construction
  • Airfield Ground Lighting & Floodlighting masts
  • Docking Guidance Systems
  • Realignment of existing aircraft docking positions
  • Piling, pile caps & inground services for Terminal extension