Macquarie Westfields


Project Value: $9.7 Million

Extension of the existing ‘Macquarie Shopping Centre’ at Talavera Road Macquarie Park as part of a significant upgrade to the existing complex by AMP & Westfield’s Design and Construct joint venture.

A fully accredited dust and noise management system was implemented that permitted us to work next to a highly sensitive pharmaceutical testing laboratory, with no reported breaches of their own filter systems. Ford Civil implemented a full ‘state of the art’ dust suppression system that encapsulated the dust emissions, which was particularly important during the asbestos removal stage and the knowledge that close to 30,000 customers use the existing shopping centre each day.


  • Excavation of 124,000 tonnes of medium to high strength sandstone
  • Removal, on site management and treatment of 15,500 tonnes of Asbestos contaminated soil under a fully accredited and approved Asbestos removal plan prepared jointly between Ford Civil and their Occupational Hygienist;
  • Removal of 15,000 tonnes of ‘General Solid Waste’ suitable for resource recovery and beneficial re-use applications;
  • All works as outlined above were audited by the clients third party consultants;
  • Construction of shotcrete retaining structures along the main Talavera Road boundary incorporating a combination of temporary and permanent ground anchors;
  • Significant detail excavation for main structural columns, footings, mechanical services trenches and hydraulic services;
  • Construction of Insitu and Precast Retaining walls as part of Ryde Councils infrastructure assets for this project;
  • The works were all carried out under a fully accredited and approved traffic management plan that allowed Fords to remove approximately 150,000 tonnes of material from our site which was bounded by a fully operational major shopping centre, hi-tech business park and Macquarie University, with no major disruptions to traffic or pedestrian flows and business operations.