John Morony Correctional Centre

Client: Public Works

Project Value: $2.15 Million

Sewer treatment plan and dam construction.

Construction of a new and larger sewerage treatment plant to be capable of treating more than 150 000 litres of raw sewerage per day with a target water quality suitable for toilet flushing. A new irrigation area incorporating additional landscaped areas. Design and construction of an off­line dam (bulk storage) to take the effluent that cannot be stored in the existing 720,000 ‘closed’ storage. Water discharged into the new bulk storage will be of a class “A” quality and will be suitable for irrigation activities.


  • Design and construction of a 12 Mega litre earth dam with HDPE lining.
  • Design and construction of additional sewer treatment facilities with dual pump set to deliver effluent to new storage dam.
  • New irrigation system with dual pump set to deliver water from dam.
  • Installation of new sewer treatment plant.
  • Upgrade of gas supply, meter and regulators to the Correction Centre facilities.