Jackson Landing Bulk Excavation

Client: Bovis Lend Lease

Project Value: $6 Million

Continuing on from pre-existing building works on the Pyrmont Peninsula, this project similarly witnessed significant bulk excavation activities. In preparation for achieving the developer’s vision, detail excavation and piling works ensued, with a combination of shotcreting and the area from any future geotechnical issues rockbolts in conjunction with a retaining wall was incorporated.


  • Bulk and detail excavation of the Pymont Peninsular for the provision of new low level apartment blocks.
  • Site clearing of the existing landscape and site remediation of asbestos traces.
  • Installation of soldier piles and precast concrete panels in a sophisticated retaining wall structure.
  • Remediation and rehabilitation of site with the removal of contaminated and asbestos soils offsite to licensed facilities.
  • Long-term rock face stabilisation through shotcrete and rockbolting works.
  • Perimeter concrete staircase and footways complete with handrail to connect lower and upper apartments.
  • Timber retaining walls and imported landscape vegetation to compliment the natural sandstone.
  • Interaction with aboriginal groups and communities regarding the discovery of historical and indigenous artifacts.