Ermington Seawall


Project Value: $2.7 Million

The project was seen as  particularly challenging in terms of the ecological and environmental aspects of the worksite building a new revetment wall along the fore shore of the Parramatta River and construction of the new bicycle and pathways in an area that supports a rare plant species and involved working closely with the consultant ecologists, further section of the wall had to be constructed next to protected grey mangrove colonies. The project was carried out without incident ecological or  environmental and was  reflection of the detailed planning that was implemented prior to and during the works.


  • Removal of the existing damaged seawall, wharf and stormwater outfalls.
  • Site remediation including removal and onsite treatment of asbestos and tar impacted fill materials within the foreshore embankment area;
  • Rehabilitation and protection of foreshore around the wilsonia backhouse;
  • Preservation/translocation of existing tidal vegetation zone;
  • Construction of two rock protected and vegetated open channels through the foreshore to connect the proposed creeks to the Parramatta river.
  • Supply and installation of two bridges proposed for the pedestrian cycleway over the open vegetated channels;
  • Construction of 5 separate drainage lines across river park including necessary scour protection aprons;
  • Construction of cycleway along the length of the site;
  • Installation and maintenance of environmental control provisions, erosion and sedimentation controls and turbidity curtains, the monitoring of construction activities (water quality, noise and dust) during the execution of works in accordance with the environmental management plan.