Barangaroo – Permanent Stormwater

Client: Lend Lease

Project Value: $9 Million

To enable the construction of the main buildings for the Barangaroo Project it was necessary to re-divert the existing stormwater system around the perimeter of the site. This involved installing a large pipe and culvert system down Hickson Rd, into Shelley St, down Lime St with a new harbour connection through the existing sea wall at the southern perimeter of the site. Works was in a sensitive area with strict provision for pedestrian and traffic management throughout all stages. There were many challenges including installing large culverts underneath existing services, working below the water table, ensuring dirty water did not enter Sydney Harbour, diverting various existing service and utilities etc. Overall this was a successful project that met all client demands.


  • Installation of pipe and culvert system up to 2.7m wide x 1.5m high internally.
  • Continually working below water table – dewatering and unique shoring.
  • Services support of existing infrastructure to allow the installation of the new stormwater system underneath.
  • Jacking culverts and using trolley systems for culvert section that couldn’t be installed using cranes.
  • Coffer dam design and installation to allow stormwater connection to Sydney Harbour.
  • Significant services diversion to allow the installation of certain sections of the stormwater line.
  • Plugs, diversions and by-pass pumps to divert existing stormwater around work areas as part of the flow management.
  • Significant vehicular and pedestrian management and diversion to allow staging of the works.