Ford Civil Win Category 3 National Earth Awards 2014-2015

After being the successful winners at the NSW Earth Awards for the Category 3 ($5Mill – $20Mil) submission for our Barangaroo South Permanent Stormwater Diversion project, Ford Civil gladly received the CCF Earth Awards National Award for this category, in the face of tough competition from every state and territory within Australia (include a multi national competitor). The trophy was a true “state of origin” win for NSW.


Please see below for the link to the Barangaroo Earth Awards Submission:

Ford Civil Win Category 3 NSW Earth Awards

Ford Civil are proud to announce that their Category 3 ($5Mill – $20Mil) submission for the New South Wales Earth Awards has been judged the Winning entry for 2014.


The Barangaroo Permanent Stormwater Diversion project is a model example of the success that can be achieved on a technically difficult, high profile project when all parties are focussed on collaboration and sincere co-operation.


Ford Civil thanks Lend Lease for installing confidence in our site teams and allowing them to be innovative and incorporate their training and skills into achieving a well-deserved project outcome.

FBA Charity Bike Ride

Ford Civil helped sponsor 4 family members on the inaugural FBA charity bike ride over 840km from Bangkok to Baan Than Namchai orphanage in Koa Lak, Thailand.


The 14 strong contingent raised in excess of AU $160 000.00  to help build and sustain the Hands Across the Water facilities in Thailand that include a Tsunami safe community centre and orphanage in Koa Lak (as a result of 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami) and a young women’s residence and education facility for women in harm at Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.


The brain child of expat Peter Baines, the Hands Across the Water charity has been adopted by Family Business owners, CEO’s and family members who have as an accumulated result of the 2013 bike ride raised over one million dollars for Hands.